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Boston shoulder surgery

Boston shoulder surgery

Boston Sports and Shoulder Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality and leading edge orthopedic care to our patients. We are proud to offer life-enhancing care to give our patients the active and mobile lifestyle required for healthy living and healthy aging. Our team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons is committed to providing outstanding, compassionate care to help patients recover from a broad range of injuries. We specialize in treating sports injuries and injuries to the ankle, bicep, elbow, foot, hamstring, hand, hip, knee, quadriceps, shoulder and wrist, including any workers compensation injuries. We excel at Boston shoulder surgery. As a innovative part of our care, we offer stem cell, platelet-rich plasma and ultrasound-guided injections in our office, eliminating any inconvenience to patients of having to go elsewhere. We pride ourselves in offering many complimentary health care modalities including expert muscle and skeletal therapy from a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese massage therapy and cupping, and cold laser therapy.

When you are considering total shoulder replacement, BSSC offers expert care. The shoulder joint is ball-and-socket joint made up of two articulations: the glenohumeral joint (where the head of the humerus – arm bone – meets the scapula) and the acromioclavicular joint (where the shoulder blade meets the collar bone). Normal wear and tear or an injury to the head of the humerus often results in shoulder arthritis. Although total shoulder replacement surgery is not as common as hip or knee replacement, the arthritic surface of the ball is replaced with a metal ball. A stem is press fitted in the inside of the arm bone and the socket is resurfaced with a high density polyethylene component. After a general or regional anesthetic, this procedure is performed through an incision between the deltoid and the pectoralis major muscles on the front of the shoulder. It includes release of adhesions and contractures and removal of bone spurs that may inhibit full range of motion or make movements painful. Our Boston shoulder surgery team can perform this procedure in less than two hours. Our post-op follow-up includes rehabilitative exercises to restore strength and full function to your shoulder.

Boston shoulder surgery is performed by Dr. Andrew Jawa who does more than 200 total shoulder replacements per year and has extensive experience with both primary and revision shoulder replacements. Dr. Jawa and his team are committed to improving patient outcomes and satisfaction while reducing complications. Patient-reported outcomes are carefully tracked in a database that allows Dr. Jawa and his team to monitor outcome trends, identify areas of potential improvement, and report outcomes and complications to the public. Dr. Jawa believes that transparency empowers patients and their families to make informed decisions about their treatment. So if total shoulder replacement is right for you, BSSC is the right place to come.

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